Undergraduate Studies at Mines

Transformative, Interdisciplinary, and Engaging

Welcome from the Office of Undergraduate Studies

We are here to support students’ holistic educational experience and interdisciplinary exploration. In a world where challenges transcend the boundaries of traditional fields, Mines stands at the forefront of innovation by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration; interconnected knowledge empowers students with a dynamic and versatile education. Our curricula foster exploration of the intersections between engineering, the sciences, and beyond, thereby surpassing the boundaries of any single discipline and equipping graduates with the adaptable mindset needed to solve multifaceted global issues.

We believe that true understanding and growth comes from immersion in diverse experiences beyond classroom walls, offering our students a way to forge their future by recognizing and celebrating a rich array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Office of Undergraduate Studies is dedicated to nurturing the whole student—intellectually, socially, and ethically. Our commitment to growth extends to every facet of the Mines experience, ensuring that our students emerge not just as professionals in their chosen field, but as well-rounded individuals prepared to contribute meaningfully to society.


Undergraduate Studies
Alderson Hall, Suite 451
Golden, CO 80401